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I’m not going to write a huge intro on here about how to get on the front page of google in 2019. I will get straight into it. You need to first do some research in Google and see who is appearing in the top 10 positions. Click through to each website and take some notes.

Consider this when clicking through to look at your competition.

  • How are they presenting the information ? When you read a few sentences, does it keep you interested to read on?
  • Does the page have nice images to keep you engaged visually ?
  • do they answer questions quickly or do they provide text for the sake of beefing up the content ?
  • Does the site have a comprehensive blog ? Compare their blog to yours.
  • Is the website famous or super authoritative? e.g. forbes, livestrong or something like that.

If the competition is too strong, move onto the next search phrase.

Next Steps

You need to compare their page to yours. What is different about their page. Do they have a tonne of very informative content that is well laid out and easy to read? Does it have videos and high quality images. perhaps it has an infographic.

Make some notes about anything you think that you could do better. Maybe the websites are not providing good information about a certain topic. This is an area that you could improve.

A great tool to easily get all the website addresses to check the pages is Ubersearch. Type in your keyword and see the top 100 google rankings. I take the top 10 ranked websites and put them in a text edit file. From there i open them all up in tabs and inspect every one. I look at how much text they have and what it is like to read through.

If the competition is too strong, meaning the websites look comprehensive and dedicated to the niche market, I will try a different keyword. This does take a long time, but it is well worth it. You will find a keyword, maybe even a highly searched one, that you can get to work on.

Once you get your angle, make your page the best, most comprehensive and easiest user flow you can. You want to have the best webpage on the entire internet about the topic or niche your found. 

If you need assistance with your SEO services, get in contact with us today. We would love to help you get to the top of search.