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Follow these basic article rules and you can’t go wrong for providing simple articles for your audience. Easy to understand, comprehend and navigate. Follow the guide below and you will be writing the best articles for your website and blog in no time.

  • Stay on Track
  • Keep it Simple
  • Make it Interesting
  • link to Relevant information

The Main Heading

This is what the article is about. Keep it simple and don’t deviate during the article from this heading. There is nothing worse than clicking through because you are interested in the heading, to find later that you don’t get the information that was promised.

The Intro

The introduction is where you introduce the topic being discussed. What are you discussing and why? What will I learn if i keep reading this article?

The Body Content

This is the section where you best get the point across and quickly. Provide the answers. People want to get the answers to their questions as quickly as possible. Don’t deviate from the heading. Keep it focused!


The outro as i like to call it, is your chance to recap the information you have just provided and give some further info, contact form and links to further research.

Media and Website Design

If you provide some media and website design, the article will be more attractive and interesting to the reader. I like to attach a simple image that is relevant to the content and some basic web design, like background colours and bullet points.

I hope this article about some of the basic rules for effective article writing were helpful. For more help with article writing or SEO services contact superior digital today!