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The SEO results from the strategy in place so far. As seen in the image below, Google has identified that this page is relevant to the subject matter and is seen to be a page that deserves to be seen by search engine users.


seo strategy australia results image by superior Digital
Ranking position increase in very short time period.


Phase one

The first phase of any strategy design is to do intensive research on the target page and competitor pages. Weakness and strengths need to be assessed before moving to phase two.

Phase two

The image shows the completion of phase two of the SEO strategy. This is where the target page is overhauled with an update in optimisation, experience and conversion. Search engines make money from customers paying for advertisements, but they also rely on providing their users with the best information possible. As a user, we want to locate the correct information in the quickest way possible.

Phase Three

This is the ongoing part of the SEO strategy. The target page is also ongoing, in that updates in technology are constant. Offsite SEO is where reputation and authority are built. In order to be seen as a trusted domain, you need backlinks. Relevant websites pointing to the target page suggests that the target page is a highly regarded source of information. No different to people talking about a certain topic in real life and mentioning the leader of the topic. When people talk about something they tend to make references. This is, generally speaking, the essence of phase three part of the SEO strategy.