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Are sitewide links good or bad for SEO ?

Sitewide links are links that appear on everypage of a website. They are usually in the footer and header of the page. This website is made by (example.com). Sometimes they are in the footer widget also.

If i am looking for information about sitewide links, to use this topic as an example, once i have the answers i am looking for and i need some further help or advice. I can easily find the contact information. I don’t need to be reminded to contact, buy now or email via some button or link. I personally find that annoying and don’t enjoy the experience on a page when every second paragraph has an advertisement for the service.

Sitewide links can be used to link to various locations. for example, SEO Melbourne, SEO Sydney, SEO Perth. These same links on every page of the site do not help me, they just make me think of someone trying to force there business down my neck. I think you get the picture now. image example of sitewide links in reality

Only link out to another website or internal page if it helps with further understanding of the subject matter you are discussing. Does it help the reader answer their search query?

If the 10 links you have in a row on every page of your site helps the reader further understand the subject matter you are discussing, then I don’t see any reason why not. But if it doesn’t help in anyway it could be considered spammy.

link from one webpage to another image.001

And also:

When it comes to content and does the big G penalise certain methods. I like to think more about the audience and what is helping the reader. A link to another page should be relevant to the content and enhance it or build upon the subject being discussed.

if I want to know about how to fix an SEO issue, for example, and in my research I find a link out to a specific page which discusses the issue in even further detail. This would be an example of a good and helpful link for me. A real annoyance is when i click a link and it takes me to some promotional page. Everyone hates being deceived like that for sure.

I don’t want a link on every page in the footer or on every page in a sidebar. That tends to get me in trouble, especially if it is anchor text-rich and clearly keyword targeted and trying to manipulate SEO.” – Rand Fishkin

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