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When you are starting your WordPress website. It is best to keep it super basic.

Keep it simple, both from the design and the amount of plugins you use. Try not to use many plugins like drag and drop etc.

This way, the focus of your website will be lightweight and quick to load.

You want to concentrate on writing great content for your niche market. Don’t get bogged down on endless customisations that take up your time or money. Instead, start filling up your blog with helpful information for your audience. take the emphasis away from things that bloat your site and put it into building your audience.

Check out this youtube video. This further explains the reasons why you should keep your site super basic in the beginning stages.

Don’t forget that you can make design and function changes later if you want. You can think of your website as a work in progress. It is ongoing with no end in site. Enjoy the process and share your ideas and knowledge.

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