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Youtube SEO is more than just publishing a video. Follow some of these basic steps below to improve your chances of matching search queries relating to your services and products. 

Youtube Title

Make titles relevant to the content in the video. Though you are selling a product, at the same time the video is a demonstration of how to do something. 


The description explains what the video is about. Keep it too short and simple, people are not here to read an article. 


Include a relevant URL in the description. This could be to the homepage, product page or contact page. This provides the potential customer with a call to action. Having the relevant URL in the description not only sends social signals to Google but also provides a call to action for a potential sale.

 Embedded Video

The webpage that the youtube video is embedded into gets seen as an empty space and it was only recently that embedding content has become acceptable in the eyes of Google. Include a caption around the video copy to explain what the video is about. 

youtube SEO

Advanced Youtube Settings

Take advantage of the advanced settings in the YouTube post. Chose not for kids, add tags, language, location, end cards and other sections that are relevant.

Share To Social

When the video has been published, copy the URL and share it to all social media brand pages.

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